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Fig. 1. Immediate skin reactions after 1,927-nm fractional laser treatment. Inverted cone-shaped zones of thermal coagulation along the epidermis and upper dermis of ex vivo female minipig skin after a single pass with a 1,927-nm frac­tional laser (LaseMD ULTRATM; Lutronic Corp., Goyang, Korea) using LaseMD UltraTM C1 tip (Lutronic Corp.) at the settings of (A) 5 W and 10 mJ, (B) 5W and 15 mJ, (C) 5W and 20 mJ, and (D) 20W and 20 mJ. The integrity of the epidermis is microscopically pre­served. Hematoxylin and eosin stain, original magnification ×100.
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