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Fig. 2. Thermal and histological changes after treatment. (A) Surface temperature changes of the porcine model during application of 630-nm and 850-nm LED and microcurrent and after device removal immediately after treatment. This device delivered heat did not affect surrounding skin tissue. (B) Tissue biopsy was done before 630-nm and 850-nm LED and microcurrent treatment (0), and on weeks 2, 6. The histological effect of the device on porcine dorsal skin was analyzed using hematoxylin-eosin (H&E) stain (×100). Simultaneous samples are showing greater vascularization, denser organization, and thickness of connective fibers in comparison with the control. LLLT, low-level light therapy.
Medical Lasers; Engineering, Basic Research, and Clinical Application 2021;10:96~105
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