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A Highlight on Reasons for Tattoo Regrets and Removal
Fabián Pérez Rivera
Plastic Surgeon, Private Practice, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Received: December 18, 2020; Accepted: March 15, 2021; Published online: April 19, 2021.
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Background and Objectives
As the popularity of tattooing has increased, the number of people regretting their tattoos, and therefore seeking tattoo removal services has also increased. This study aimed to highlight the reasons for tattoo regrets. We explore herein, the reasons for seeking tattoo removal at a specialized laser center in South America.
Materials and Methods
This is a retrospective study of over 757 surveys, including patients who sought tattoo removal services between August 2017 and February 2020. The surveys were conducted using questionnaires which were sent to the patients through email and WhatsApp messages.
Sixty percent of the patients seeking tattoo erasing services were women (α=0.001), an average of 30 years, with a high educational level (46.6% of them were university or tertiary). Most of the tattoos (89%) had a professional origin, 60% were done with black color and 65% were in exposed areas. More than half of the patients (51%) gave dissatisfaction as the main reason for erasing their tattoos. More than half of patients (51.2%) regretted their tattoos between the same day of being tattooed and five years later.
In the present study, in South America, tattoo regrets were mostly common among educated (university or tertiary level) women in their 30s. The most preferred color for a tattoo was black. Exposed areas, especially the arms, were preferred more than the covered areas. Most of the participants regretted their tattoos within five years of being tattooed.
Keywords: Laser tattoo removal; Tattoo removal; Tattooed regret; Tattooed regret profile; Tattooed population characteristics

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