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Hair Loss Treatment Using Erbium:YAG Fractional Laser with Hair Growth-promoting Solution
Dong Hyun Ahn
Daeyoung Plastic Surgery Clinic, Seoul, Korea
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Received: July 14, 2021; Accepted: August 6, 2021; Published online: September 6, 2021.
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Several methods have been used to treat androgenetic hair loss, ranging from hair transplants to finasteride and minoxidil. Sometimes platelet-rich plasma injection therapy may be used to increase the satisfaction of patients who come to the hospital. However, some patients are sensitive to pain and are subjected to the inconvenience of requiring treatment after each blood sampling. The author had reported the effects of using a hair growth-promoting solution and JetpeelTM in parallel with a painless hair loss treatment method. However, the author was interested in more effective methods for patients with M-shaped or vertex hair loss who do not want to take medications or undergo hair transplant. In addition to the existing light-emitting diode therapy and electromagnetic field treatment, the author has made considered attempts to use various laser wavelength bands. However, the equipment for these methods can be expensive and are not suitable for patients who emphasize on cost-effectiveness. Therefore, the author used an existing reported method and a device based on the fractional erbium:YAG laser to provide the hair growth-promoting solution in parallel. The author chose a fractional 2940 nm-based laser device as a medium that could efficiently increase the growth phase, reduce the catagen phase, and facilitate intradermal product and drug delivery. As a result, there was a therapeutic benefit without any significant side effects such as redness and itching. Among the patients, the author reported the effects of the treatment on one patient with frontal M-shaped, mid, and vertex hair loss.
Keywords: Hair loss; Solution; Er:YAG laser

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