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Fig. 6. The effect of PBM on mTOR expression of HCE-T cells. Cells were seeded onto 11 mmΦ round coverslip in 24-well plate and were underwent PBM treatment at 30 J/cm2. After 24 h, cells were fixed by chilled methanol. Fixed cells were blocked with 3% BSA and then incubated with mTOR (1:100) for overnight at 4°C in a humidified chamber. Cells were then incubated in a 1:100 dilution of Alexa488 probed anti-rabbit IgG and observed using confocal laser scanning microscope. The green positive cells were counted under × 40 magnification. Every assay was performed 3 times and the results are expressed as mean ± SD. One-way ANOVA (Tukey test) were used for comparisons between two means. **p<0.05, ***p<0.001.
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