Med Laser 2022; 11(2): 65-71
Transfer printing based manufacturing process for flexible micro-light emitting diode phototherapy devices
Hohyun Keum
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH), Cheonan, Republic of Korea
Correspondence to: Hohyun Keum
Received: March 31, 2022; Accepted: May 20, 2022; Published online: June 30, 2022.
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Micro-light emitting diode (LED) integrated phototherapy devices are part of a rapidly growing industry benefiting from distinct photoelectrical properties. The recent advances in inorganic flexible devices have increased the scope of micro-LED applications in the biomedical field. While there are several promising uses of micro-LED integrated flexible devices, accommodating minuscule light sources with extreme precision on a large scale for mass production is an enormous challenge from the manufacturing perspective. The transfer printing-based heterogeneous manufacturing process, recent advances in the distinct modes of manipulators, and electrical and physical bonding schemes are reviewed herein for a better understanding of the flexible optoelectronic micromanufacturing processes in line with device applications in biomedical fields.
Keywords: Micro-light emitting diode; Flexible devices; Transfer printing; Manipulator; Heterogeneous integration

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