Aims and scope
The aims of Medical Lasers are to improve patient and public health by publishing articles on the use of laser devices in medicine, advances in laser technology so that to encourage the exchange of information between researchers and healthcare providers.
Its scope includes clinical trials, new therapeutic techniques and instruments, laser biophysics and bioengineering, photobiology and photochemistry, outcomes research, cost-effectiveness, and other aspects of biomedicine.
Its regional scope is mainly Korea but it welcomes submissions from researchers and physicians all over ...
Med Lasers 2023; 12(4): 205~266
Original Articles
An improved machine learning model for calculation of intraocular lens power during cataract surgery in Republic of Korea: development
Jaeku Kang, Seung Yong Choi, Sejong Oh, Kyong Jin Cho
Med Lasers 2023; 12(4): 243-250
0    119
Patient-reported outcomes of therapeutic ultrasound on capsular contracture after implant-based breast reconstruction: a preliminary study
Han Gyu Cha, Young Hun Kang, Seo Koo Lee, Eun Soo Park
Med Lasers 2023; 12(4): 251-255
0    122
Case Reports
Therapeutic effect of long-pulsed 1,064-nm Nd:YAG lasers on venous lakes in Korean patients: a case report
Jiwon Lee, Sang Ju Lee, Han Kyoung Cho
Med Lasers 2023; 12(4): 256-259
0    146
Unilateral scar sarcoidosis after revision blepharoplasty: a case report
Woo Geon Lee, Young Gue Koh, Sun Hye Shin, Kwang Ho Yoo
Med Lasers 2023; 12(4): 260-262
0    129
Menopausal facial erythema and flushing successfully treated with broadband light and botulinum toxin: a case report
Jiwon Lee, Sang Ju Lee, Han Kyoung Cho
Med Lasers 2023; 12(4): 263-266
0    154